Cedar Grange Angoras is run by Andrew, Ian and Heather Gossip at ‘Border Park’ Frances on the South Australian-Victorian border.

We aim to breed angoras which produce and reproduce in our environment. We strive for large open faced goats who walk wide, are economical to run and produce long, soft, super styled stapled mohair which is free from impurities.

This somewhat small and independent goat will raise one or two kids annually, produce 3 to 6 kilos of luxurious fibre, control many unwanted species of weeds on your farm, find every weak spot in your fences and at the end of its productive life provide a carcass of the world’s most widely eaten meat. Angoras will challenge your patience, your persistence and all the while be producing for you.

It’s for these reasons that we believe that the Angora Goat has a place in Australian agriculture on both large and small holdings. We would encourage anyone to thoroughly investigate what is required to raise Angoras before you jump in head first. Farming Angora Goats can be a pastime that soon becomes a passion and ultimately an addiction. We highly recommend it and would love to introduce you to Angoras and Mohair.

Welcome to Cedar Grange Angoras and Mohair

Latest News

NEW BIRTHS  The next litter of Maremma puppies has been born. Contact us ASAP if you are interested in purchasing one of these pups.

KIDDING Kidding is in full swing with around 270 kids on the ground as I write.

ADELAIDE SHOW What a great show. Made especially enjoyable with Andrew’s arrival from South Africa.